Clint's Therapeutic Massage


Sessions usually include a variety of techniques customized to your needs and desires. Whether you want to relax or have specific problems, I plan your massage accordingly.







Swedish relaxation massage

Light to medium pressure superficial massage strokes intended to soothe, relax, and improve circulation.


Lomi Lomi

A relaxing and nurturing Hawaiian massage consisting of long, flowing, wave-like, full-body strokes which even extend under the body.


Deep tissue massage

Massage using more pressure to affect tissues at deeper layers. Forearms, elbows, and thumbs are typically used.


Cross-fiber friction

Work across muscle fibers to break up adhesions and free connective tissues.


Trigger point therapy

Spot pressure to affect the release of trigger points or “knots”.


Myofascial release

Techniques designed to release restrictions in the body's fascial tissues.


Foot and hand reflexology

Work on areas of the feet or hands that energetically map to specific areas or organs of the body.


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